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Heritage Hall policy

Lisbon Heritage Hall

Use Policy and Contract

Lisbon Heritage Hall is a public cultural center intended to promote historical and cultural programs and activities, enriching the lives of Lisbon and Mt. Vernon residents.  Please read the following rules concerning its use and sign at the bottom if you agree to use the hall accordingly.

  1.  Heritage Hall is available free of charge to non-profit groups or individuals whose events are open to the public and intended for the cultural or educational enrichment of the community.  However, a $25.00 fee is charged for student recitals. 
  2. Nothing can be removed from Heritage Hall for public or private use without permission of the library.  Chairs and other furniture may be moved for an event but must be moved back to their original positions afterwards. 
  3. Those who use Heritage Hall for cultural or educational purposes are allowed to sell items on site, but only those which relate to their presentation.  Examples of this would be books sold by a visiting author, compact discs sold by musicians, etc.  Ticket sales, cover charges or donations to an event at Heritage Hall will be for the sole purpose of raising money for Heritage Hall except with special permission from the library.
  4. No meals may be served at Heritage Hall but light snacks are permitted.  No food or scraps should be left in the facility.
  5. No smoking or alcohol is permitted.
  6. No candles or open flames are permitted.
  7. Users will show courtesy to our neighbors at Southeast Linn Community Center by keeping noise to a minimum and not using the facilities at the community center.
  8. The library has the right to refuse use to any group.
  9. Nothing can be nailed, taped, or attached to the walls or floors.
  10. A key to the space can be checked out at the library before the event and returned immediately afterwards in the dropbox.
  11. The piano may be used only with special permission attained before scheduling a program.  It must be closed and covered immediately after any performance or recital and not open for general public use.  Under no circumstances may anything except sheet music be placed on the piano.
  12. Any of the above guidelines are subject to change without notice.

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