Everyone knows that having friends makes life better.  The library has always had friends—people we can count on to help out when needed, support the library’s programs, and even fork out money for projects.  But it wasn’t until May 22, 2009 that the official Articles of Incorporation document for the Friends of the Lisbon Public Library was filed in the office of Iowa’s Secretary of State, setting up the group as a nonprofit corporation for the purpose of raising money to augment the library’s budget. 

In the twelve years since the Friends group started, some of the original board members have moved or passed away.  Many, though, are still serving on the board, and others have joined in.  The board is where the magic happens:  planning and executing fundraising projects, applying for grants, providing literacy activities and initiatives, and being a visible presence in the community to raise awareness of their support.  Because of Friends who plan and friends who support their activities, the library has “extra” funds to give new books to kids, hold live performances for children and adults, buy new toys, and fill the many needs and wants that arise in our effort to serve the community better.  Did you know our Friends buy the candy and make the games for the library during Halloween Town?

Plus, they have fun and make friends while helping! 

A global pandemic shut down Halloween Town and the annual Friends of the Lisbon Public Library Trivia Contest in 2020, but rest assured they will be back as soon as they can.  In the meantime, their Plant Sale is a go this summer—outside the library on June 18 and 19—so please look for it!  You can be a friend by supporting their activities or donating at any level.  If you’re interested in becoming an official Friend, please email Becky Bunting, current Friends of the Library board president at