Treasurer of the Board


Darrell Aaron


On nice days, I love to walk my children to and from school.  There are so very many treasures in this town to enjoy on those walks. There is the tree just a block down from us where 20 something turkey vultures live.  You can easily tell which one because of the state of the sidewalk below.  Those birds fly over our house every single night in the summer, and it is an awesome sight to see so many massive creatures flying at once. After on the walks, there are the many dogs like Rosheen and Gus who need my children to stop and pet them.  We adore looking at the giant planters of flowers, and we do our best to not pick flowers (except dandelions) from people's yards.  One of the City's treasures is the Library.  We pass it every time, twice a day.  It's a favorite to stop at and view the figures in the window.  My children will remark about how the dinosaurs are fighting or holding school supplies or where Puss In Boots is located.  Whenever we go inside, they will bounce from wall to wall and toy to toy and book to book.  We cannot leave with less than 2 books each.  Then we will load up and make the short trip back home where we will immediately snuggle up on the couch and proceed to read them all.  This town is truly a magical place to live, and the Library is an essential part of that magic to me and my family.